As the government keeps revising IDs to keep up with fake ID makers

As the government keeps revising IDs to keep up with fake ID makers, they introduce new security features each time. A long time ago IDs were just a piece of paper with your name and DOB on it. Now they are advanced cards with a whole array of features to try and stop people from replicating them. Luckily most of these features can be replicated by advanced fake ID makers.

First, we have the material. Many older IDs are printed on PVC cards. These are not very bendable and require more of an investment to print on. The government stopped making PVC cards and has, for the most part, moved to Teslin. Most of today’s IDs are made of Teslin which is a synthetic paper made to be far more durable and resistant to water and other chemicals. Teslin is also uniquely bendable and thinner than your standard PVC card. Certain states use different thicknesses and blends of Teslin to make their cards unique and deter fakes. Most new IDs (2018 and onwards) are being printed on polycarbonate or polycarb which has a unique sound when dropped that sounds like a tin can.

scans before trying anything with it. Some IDs also have a magnetic strip on the back that contains the same information and works similarly. If you want to see if you ID swipes, try putting it through the scanner at a grocery store or at a gas pump. If nothing happens when you swipe it then there’s a good chance it will not swipe at a bar.

When first ordering a Fake ID, you must take into account a few factors, so that you can have the most satisfactory experience.
First, are you looking for an “In State Passable” ID? Most likely, vendors do sell your state, but it isn’t ISP. If you are really determined on an ISP ID, then you must pay extra close attention to reviews, and posts by users on verified forums

what state are you looking for? It is generally a good rule of thumb not to use In State Fake IDs, but for obvious reasons, specifically to avoid suspicion, this advice isn’t mandated. For the most part, ordering an ID from a bordering state is an excellent choice, and should work in your home state. IE: If you live in California, order a Nevada. If You live in Florida, order a Georgia etc.

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