The different methods of making Fake ID

There are different methods that can be employed when you want to make a Novelty ID or any other form of a humorous ID card. However, before discussing the different methods of making humor cards, there is one thing that all the different methods have in common. The common things that these methods have in common are the following: a scanner, a picture of the new ID card owner and brief details or bio data of the ID card owner. All the methods simply build on these things. A method of producing fake novelty identification card is by scanning an already existing ID card. After you have scanned it, open the scanned document on the system using a photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop and the likes. Make adjustments and changes where you want using the editing software.

Changes like the pictures, names, number and other details should be made. Once you are done with all the editing, you want. Print the front and back of the new ID card on quality printing materials like a cardstock. Ensure to use the heavy and quality ones if you want your output to look nice. Another method you can use is for you to use a template used for making license or ID card to make a Fake License. Ensure you use the right template size. If you use the wrong template size, it may be easily detected that the license or ID card is a fake, and the humor will be lost. In this method, you are the one to choose how the ID card will look like. Scan the passport and signature of the person you are making the gift for into the system.

 Insert the passport into where it should be and do the same for other entries. Use photo editing programs like Photoshop to smoothen everything. Add barcodes and magnetic stripe in order to make the Fake ID look real.  Afterward, print the ID card.